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Thank you for visiting our community resource website. We appreciate that you want to learn more about us and how to get the most of this site. 406 Business Guide is an online directory of highly rated Montana businesses. Historically, directories typically list simple entries on people or businesses and their contact information; when we searched online for Montana business directories, that’s all we could find – very simple lists containing titles, phone numbers, and a link to their website. These days, businesses have a multitude of online profiles that can be compiled and the community is looking for reviews, videos, and more on businesses before moving forward.

We created our directory, or what we like to call a business influencer site, to include entries with rich media and reviews, including links out to business owners’ websites, social media profiles, and videos. We organize the businesses into categories and subcategories and provide for easy searching across the site to find the category of business you are looking for in a specific city, zip code, or street address.

Our free listings receive a link to their own website, as well as a title, image, phone number, and reviews. Unlike search engines, which base results on a database of entries gathered automatically by web crawlers, most website directories are built manually by human editors. Such is the case for 406 Business Guide. We allow business owners to submit their site for inclusion and have editors review submissions for accuracy and to avoid spam on the site.

Naturally, as many businesses are added to the site, we wanted to make a way for businesses to stand out through paid promotion to stay in front of the website traffic on this site. We have three paid options to stand out:

Premium Listings

By paying a nominal monthly or annual fee, business owners can expand their listing to include:

  • Company logo
  • Video
  • Image slideshow
  • Additional buttons/links
  • Social media profiles
  • Business description
  • Additional details
  • Hours of operation
  • Email address
  • Good for one year

If you are a business owner interested in enhancing your listing, you may view pricing and sign up here.

Featured Listings

If you’d like your listing to be featured to all Montanans on the front page, this is how to do it. Each month, we feature up to 6 Montana businesses on the homepage “Featured Listings” section.  This space gets the most views. Additionally, featured listings do not have any other ads placed on their listing page.

The promotion is about visibility and lasts for 30 days. We recommend this option for any businesses who serve multiple cities across the state.

Placement Ads

Placement ads are shown on every listing page (except for featured listings). Currently, this is site-wide, so we recommend this for businesses wanting exposure across the state. We intend to add the ability for placement ads to be specific to cities in the near future.

The promotion is about visibilty, can feature limited time offers, and lasts for 30 days.

Direct Mail + Email Coupon Co-Op

Each month, we send out a high-quality direct mailer to 10,000 residents in Montana’s most populated cities. Each mailer is a double-sided, full-color, 9″x12″ oversized postcard featuring 14 businesses from that city. Moreover, the businesses promoted are granted exclusivity for that month (e.g., only one real estate agent, one plumber, one chiropractor, etc.).

Additionally, we send out an email newsletter to all of our list (in the relevant city) with a link to the digital version of the mailer.

This promotion is about visibility, can feature limited time offers, and offers city-exclusivity for 30 days. We recommend this for businesses with high-ticket products and services (home services, dental implants, real estate, laons, etc.) looking for visiblity, as well as businesses with smaller-ticket products and services (salons, restaurants, chiropractor, dental cleaning, etc.) offering a promotion (buy one get one, % off, etc.).

If your business is interested in learning more about this promotion, visit our Advertising and Promotion page here.

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