Cargo Bike Pilot between UPS and Montana’s Coaster Cycles in Seattle Reduces Emissions by 30%

1 November 2021

“The Seattle pilot—a partnership between the city, Coaster Cycles, logistics company AxleHire, and others, coordinated by the University of Washington’s Urban Freight Lab—tested last-mile alternatives like e-cargo bikes and delivery lockers, in hopes of finding solutions that reduced emissions and eased traffic.”

“Along with reducing emissions, using e-bikes and the microhub halved the number of miles traveled per package compared to traditional truck routes, which helped to reduce congestion.”

“Should a city be providing space in dense neighborhoods for logistics activities? Absolutely they should, and they’re not doing that now,”


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We Are Going to Need a Lot More Electric Delivery Bikes – Montana’s Coaster Cycles

Shipping companies in European cities are replacing delivery vans with cargo bikes and trikes. But the U.S. rollout of these vehicles has been frustratingly slow.

Cargo bikes can deliver packages faster than vans—and with less pollution – Montana’s Coaster Cycles

Your delivery could come 60% faster by cargo bike instead of a van, cutting down on both congestion and pollution, according to a London-based study.

Seattle’s new zero-emissions delivery hub is an experiment in slashing e-commerce emissions with Bonner, Montana’s Coaster Cycles

Companies can make centralized deliveries to the hub and then use more sustainable methods to get them to your door. It’s a testing ground for experiments to improve our new delivery-based economy.

Missoula, Montana’s Coaster Cycles Podcast

A terrific episode of CAN DO about a true entrepreneurial company Coaster Cycles and its Leader Ben Morris.  Building great vehicles in Bonner, Montana.  Lots to learn about Ben’s 16-year journey.  Well worth a listen.  Arnie


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