Developing a Successful IT Strategy Tuesday, March 29, 1 – 2 p.m. – MWED Conference Room, 44 2nd Ave. W, Kalispell

23 March 2022

Presented in partnership with David Mayer, Founder and CEO of Endpoint Utility Corp.
If IT, information technology, is not an enabler of your business success, then in today’s world it is a hindrance. Every company is some form of a tech company today. It is so prevalent in our society that there are very few, if any, companies that can operate without the use of technology. While there is a lot to know about technology, it doesn’t have to be a daunting mountain, it can be climbed by understanding and helping your company to execute a few basic principles. In this series we’ll spend time understanding and discussing 4 key pillars to laying out a successful IT strategy: Setting up an IT strategy to get started, IT Security as an enabler, Using data and analytics to understand your company and your customer, social selling and creating a web presence.

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