Information on Childcare Stabilization ARPA Grant- Webinars

8 October 2021

Many of you are working on Childcare and have questions about the new funding programs through ARPA.


I encourage you all to visit this website from DPPHS.  This website has all the current information on the childcare stabilization funds and will continue to be updated as new programs come to fruition.


A webinar on the stabilization is on Oct. 7th and the link to register is on the website above.  Please share with your childcare providers.  This first program is for existing childcare facilities- follow this website as innovation programs will be coming probably after the new year.


Thank you all,


Tracy McIntyre

Executive Director of Montana Cooperative Development Center

Administrator of Montana Council of Cooperatives

410 Central Avenue – Suite 429

Great Falls, MT 59401

office: 406-727-1517

cell: 406-868-0757


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Great Falls Childcare Market Demand Assessment

There is strong interest and demand for a new childcare facility or facilities.


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