Montana Business Quarterly – Special Issue

5 January 2022

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Montana Business Quarterly
Montana’s Economy Across the State
By Patrick Barkey
There was no escape from the ravages of the COVID-19 recession, but the severe downturn has been closely followed by a vigorous economic recovery.
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Montanans Struggle to Access Affordable Child Care
By Caitlin Jenson and Tracy MacIntyre
Montana has a serious issue with a lack of affordable child care. It is an issue that is affecting every business, every sector and every community regardless of size.
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Where Housing Is Headed
By Patrick Barkey
After rising faster than incomes for years, home prices took a sudden and surprising jump upward across Montana in the wake of the pandemic outbreak.
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The Financial Value of Montana’s Natural Beauty
By Jakki Mohr and Carmen Thissen
Montana’s natural abundance upholds a vibrant business economy. But how does one measure our state’s natural capital?
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Housing Trouble in Paradise
By Abigail St. Lawrence
Housing may seem like a sudden crisis, but a combination of factors have been converging for over a decade to produce Montana’s current market conditions.
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High-Tech Soars Despite Pandemic
By Christina Quick Henderson
Montana’s high-tech companies not only survived, but even benefited from the dynamics of a pandemic economy, generating more than $2.9 billion in revenue.
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Implementing the National Environmental Policy Act on National Forests
By Todd Morgan, Mike Niccolucci and Erik Berg
A review of U.S. Forest Service land management accomplishments, budget and litigation since complying with the National Environmental Policy Act.
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The Bureau of Business and Economic Research has been providing information about Montana’s state and local economies for more than 70 years. Located at the University of Montana, the bureau is the research and public service branch of the College of Business.

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