Peter Drucker on The Nonprofit Board

26 August 2021

Nonprofits need both an effective board and an effective
executive. Practically every nonprofit will accept one or the
other half of this assertion. But a good many will not accept
that both are needed.


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Montana State University students serve on local nonprofit boards

Eight Montana State University students are serving on the boards of local nonprofit organizations this year through the MSU Leadership Institute’s Boardroom Bobcats mentorship program, which is now in its fifth year.

4 Reasons You Should Have a Board of Advisors

It’s an opportunity to fill skill gaps in your leadership, and get unbiased perspective on the long game.

Offboarding: The Diplomatic Way To Achieve Critical Board Turnover

It is critical for the board’s governance committee to take a closer look at what offboarding might achieve as a governance tool.

Board Meeting Slide: What Are We Trying To Get Out of This Section

You could feel the people in the room get recalibrated whenever this slide came up.

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