Podcast – Cyber Sleuthing with Sherri Davidoff of Missoula, Montana’s LMG Security

15 February 2022

A MIND BOGGLING conversation with cyber security sleuth Sherri Davidoff of Missoula’s LMG (Lake Missoula Group) Security.  There is even a recording of a real extortion demand.  Just so timely and eye opening. Everyone is at risk and Sherri tells us what to do to protect our identity and information.  Please Listen and Share!



Missoula, Montana’s Sherri Davidoff’s New Book – ‘Data Breaches: Crisis and Opportunity’

Data Breaches is indispensable for everyone involved in breach avoidance or response: executives, managers, IT staff, consultants, investigators, students, and more. Read it before a breach happens!

Podcast – Client-Data Security Whilst Working Remote – Sherri Davidoff of Missoula, Montana-based LMG Security

Sherri Davidoff of LMG Security gives tips for securing client data and spotting phishing emails in work-remote environments.

“Breaking and Entering: The Extraordinary Story of a Hacker Called ‘Alien,’” Sherri Davidoff, an MIT hacker turned cybersecurity CEO of LMG (Lake Missoula Group)

“We break into companies and write reports about it.”

The Today Show Interviews The Mother Of All Hackers- Sherri Davidoff of the Lake Missoula Group

Sherri Davidoff  from Missoula, Montana is an MIT graduate is one of the first female white hat hacker in a male-dominated industry.




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