Remote Workers and Their Tax Liabilities in Montana

9 October 2021

In recent months, people from across the United States have been drawn to Montana. Some vacation here and spend a limited period in our great state. Others, no doubt drawn to all that Montana has to offer, stay permanently.

Another category of people are those who have not made Montana their state of residence, but perform work for an out-of-state employer while here.

The department would like to remind these “remote workers” that they may have an income tax filing obligation with the department.

Unlike some other states, Montana does not have a de minimis, or minimum day threshold to trigger a filing obligation. Because these “remote workers” may not be aware of their potential filing responsibilities, the department is increasing its efforts to alert these individuals to the fact that if they are enjoying Montana—but working while doing so—they are required to pay their fair share of state income taxes.

To kick off the department’s efforts, Director Beatty previously filmed a public service announcement welcoming these folks to Montana and reminding them of their potential tax filing obligations. Over the next several months, we plan on continuing this push through other public service announcements and by adding educational information to the department’s website.

This is where we need your help:  we are asking you to get the word out to individuals, employers, and others. We are also asking for your input on the obstacles to compliance your clients may face and potential ways to overcome those challenges. Please direct your feedback to Micah Christensen at [email protected] or (406) 444-4373.



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Many thanks to Gloria O. for sharing.

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