Broadband Funding: ‘It’s Like History Repeating Itself in a Good Way’ – What is Montana Doing? MEDA Broadband Working Group

13 January 2022

New England states prepare to invest millions of federal dollars to support broadband expansions.

In 2021 (which Gonsalves calls “a banner year for broadband”), the American Rescue Act Plan provided $350 billion for water, sewer, and broadband with another $10 billion earmarked primarily for broadband via the Capital Funds Project. In the fall, an additional $65 billion was allocated as part of the new infrastructure bill.

In rural parts of New England, where many are unserved or underserved by monopoly providers, a variety of broadband models have taken shape even before now. Many more are predicted to gain momentum with this latest financial boost.


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If you’d like to contribute to the discussion on how Montana’s Internet availability and quality can be improved, please consider adding your voice:

MEDA Broadband Working Group

This group formed as a result of the Montana Next Generation of Community and Economic Development Tools Report.  The group’s overall purpose is to encourage Montana to develop a bold strategy for broadband and 5G deployment statewide.

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